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Our company has been founded in Mersin in the year 2001, with the title "Köklü Tarım”, for the purpose of acting as regional dealer of miscellaneous firms. Having rendered service to the sector over the course of years, we established "AGROMER BİOSAN Ltd. Şti” in the year 2005, due to the rising market demands, with a view to deal with production of fertilizers, and we commenced production in our own plant. We served the sector with registration and license certificates pertaining to 120 different sorts of product, as certified by the relevant Ministry in Organic and Chemical Fertilizer Class. Today, we are carrying on our contract manufacturing for regional dealers throughout Turkey, as well as rendering service to private sector organizations and government agencies, such as the Association of Beet Planters (Panko) (Pancar Ekicileri Birliği) and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.

Again, for the purpose of meeting foreign demands beside our broadening inland market, we founded "Farmachem Kimya San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd Şti”, and invested in additional machinery and R&D to our production plant presently operating became in Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone, thus becoming a plant fit for more technological and faster production processes.

In an effort to completely and rapidly meet our business partners’ changing and growing needs with our professional staff, we separated the Manufacturing, Supply and Marketing Departments in 3 companies within our body, in framework with modern management systems. We adopted as a principle to follow the innovations in the agricultural production field and to "produce formulas rather than fertilizers” with the enzymatic hydrolysis method and organic acid reactions, guided by our advisors from universities, chemists and our expert bio-chemistry. In this direction, our purpose is to manufacture environmental-friendly products and to carry out our business with the dignity that social responsibility requires, as a company which provides its customers with the best and highest quality service, which observes customer satisfaction at the highest level, and which is a solution partner in plant production, in the light of our motto: "Accurate Solutions for Agricultural Issues…”